Barachevsky Alexander

He was born August 20, 1992.
In 2011, he graduated from the choreography department of the College of arts of the Republic of Komi (the teacher – S. Muraviyova).
In 2009-2011, he is artist of ballet at the Theatre of opera and ballet of the Republic of Komi.
From June 2011 is a ballet dancer in the Mari opera and ballet theatre.

«Carmen Suite» – Couple
«Cinderella» − a friend of Prince
«Giselle» − a friend of Giselle
«La Bayadere» − the Bronze Idol, Indian dance (solo with a drum), Magdaveya
«La Esmeralda» – a friend of Clopin, a friend of Phoebus
«Laughter, and tears, and ballet» − Ballet dancers of the theatre
«Le Corsaire» – Pas d’esclaves, a Slave
«Orpheus and Eurydice» − corps de ballet
«Romeo and Juliet» – Troubadour (a friend of Juliet), a friend of Tybalt
«Spartacus − the triumph of Rome» − Satyr, Appian Way (solo)
«Swan lake» − Jester, Neapolitan dance
«Swan Lake» (performance from  10.02.2003 to 30.06.2014) – Neapolitan dance, Hungarian Dance
«The Master and Margarita» − Fagot
«The Nutcracker» − Harlequin. Chinese
«The Nutcracker» (performance from  02.12.2009 to 30.11.2014) – Harlequin, Chinese Dance
«The Sleeping Beauty» – Puss in the Boots (the hero of the fairy-tale), Four Princes, Bluebird, Puss in the Boots

Tour with the troupe of the theatre:
2011 − Germany, Mexico
2012 − Germany, Mexico, Estonia
2013 − Germany, Mexico
As well as in the cities of Russia.

2013− Laureate of the National Theatre Award n.a. Yyvan Kyrlya in the category «The best supporting artist» for performing the part of a Slave in the ballet «Le Corsaire» by A.Adam
2013− Gratitude of the Ministry of culture, media and ethnic affairs of the Mari El Republic

"La Bayadere". The Bronze Idol "Romeo and Juliet". Friend of Tybalt "La Esmeralda". Friend of Phoebus "Le Corsaire". Slave "The Nutcracker". Chinese Dance "Romeo and Juliet". Juliet "The Nutcracker". Harlequin