Novikov Maksim

He was born July 23, 1988 in Kanash.
In 1999 he began studying ballet art at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. Teacher is N.Vikhreva.

2000-2007 – Studied at the department «Choreographic Art» of Palantay Mari Republican College of Culture and Arts. As a student in 2004 he was admitted to the ballet troupe of the Sapaev Theatre.

Good external and physical data, a brilliant training enabled him from the very first steps on stage to perform complex dance roles. He is hardworking, much fruitful work on improving his acting skills, expanding the artistic horizons. In 2013 he graduated from the Ballet Master Faculty of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS).

Novikov M.E. is a versatile artist, and equally successful, manifests itself as a lyric, and in distinguishing dance. He became one of nine artists involved in the ballet to the music by G.Dzodzuashvili «Polyphony» directed by T. Vashakidze, who won the Grand Prix at the festival «Theatrical Yoshkar-Ola» in 2007. This ballet is a special milestone in the creative biography of the young actor. It fits well into the choreographic fabric of the play, his technique is elegant, has many nuances of acting and colorful details.

«Cinderella» – Cinderella’s father, Dancing Master, a friend of Prince
«Don Quixote» − The Innkeeper
«Giselle» – Wilfrid
«La Bayadere» – Slave, Magdaveya, Indian dance (solo with a drum)
«La Esmeralda» – a friend of Phoebus
«La Fille Mal Gardee» – a friend of Colin, Colin
«Le Corsaire» – Danse des forbans, Pas d’esclaves
«Midsummer Night’s Dream» – Juliet (busker)
«Polyphony» – Disciple
«Romeo and Juliet» – Troubadour (Juliet’s friend), a friend of Tybalt, Paris, Mercutio, Benvolio
«Spartacus – the triumph of Rome» – Satyr, Appian Way (solo)
«Swan lake» – Hungarian dance
«Swan Lake» (performance from  10.02.2003 to 30.06.2014) – Spanish Dance, Hungarian Dance, Mazurka, Neapolitan dance (solo), Jester
«The Forest Legend» – a friend of Aksai, Retinue of Keremet (solo)
«The Master and Margarita» − the NKVD officers and criticism
«The Nutcracker» (performance from  02.12.2009 to 30.11.2014) – Waltz of the Flowers (soloists), Harlequin, Russian Dance, Nutcracker-Doll
«The Sleeping Beauty» – Four Princes, Peasant Dance (solo), a friend of Prince Desire, Bluebird

Tour with a troupe of theater:
2005 – Qatar, China
2006 – Serbia, South Korea, Germany
2007 – France, Germany
2008 – France, China
2009 – France, Germany
2010 − Mexico
2011 − Germany, Mexico
2012 − Germany, Mexico, Estonia
2013 − Germany, Mexico
As well as in the cities of Russia.

2004 – Laureate of 2nd prize of the Regional Competition «Young Talents of the Republic of Mari El»
2007 – Laureate of 2nd prize of the Regional Competition «Young Talents of the Republic of Mari El»
2008 – Diploma of I G.Ulanova Russian Ballet Competition in Krasnoyarsk
2008 – Laureate of the Olyck Ipai State Youth Award Republic of Mari El in category «Performing arts and acting skills» for excellence in the creation of vivid imagery in ballet by T. Vashakidze «Polyphony»
2013 – Diploma of the Ministry of сulture, press and nationalitiesof the Republic of Mari El

"Swan Lake". Jester "Le Corsaire". The Slaves` dance "The Sleeping Beauty". Bluebird - Maksim Novikov, Princess 
Florine - Svetlana Parshina "Romeo and Juliet". Mercutio Nutcracker-Doll "La Bayadere". Magdaveya "Romeo and Juliet". Paris - Maxim Novikov, Juliet - Olga Chelpanova "The Nutcracker". Russian Dance - Maxim Novikov and Ksenia Tsaregorodtseva "La Bayadere". Indian Dance. Solo with drum - Maxim Novikov "The Forest Legend". Aksai "La Bayadere". Slave - Maxim Novikov, Nikiya - Olga Chelpanova "Cinderella". Dancing Master "The Nutcracker". Harlequin