Shabrukov Sergei

He was born September 21, 1994.
In 2013 he graduated from the «Choreographic Art» Department of the Mari Republic Culture and Art College n.a. I.S.Palantay.
Now a student of the Ballet Master Faculty of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS)
From April 2011 is a ballet dancer in the Mari opera and ballet theatre.

«La Bayadere» – Indian Dance
«Laughter, and tears, and ballet» − Ballet dancers of the theatre
«Romeo and Juliet» – Troubadour (a friend of Juliet)
«Swan lake» − Mazurka
«The Master and Margarita» – the NKVD officers and criticism
«The Nutcracker» − The Rat King
«The Nutcracker» (performance from  02.12.2009 to 30.11.2014) – Nutcracker-Doll, Harlequin, Waltz of the flowers (soloists), The Rat King
«Timur and his team, or the Heroes of our time» – Grandfather, German
«The Sleeping beauty» – Fairy Carabosse
«Vasilisa the Beautiful» – Koschei the Immortal

Tour with a troupe of theater:
2012 − Germany, Mexico
2013 − Germany, Mexico
As well as in the cities of Russia.

"Vasilisa the Beautiful". Koschei the Immortal "The Nutcracker". The Rat King