Shutova Anna

She was born April 28, 1988.
In 2007 she graduated from the department «Choreographic Art» of Palantay Mari Republican College of Culture and Arts.
In 2013 she graduated from the Ballet Master Faculty of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS).
Since 2005 is a ballet dancer in the Sapaev Theater.

«Cinderella» – Spanish Dance, Modistes
«La Bayadere» – Jumpeh, Dance with fans
«La Esmeralda» – Gypsy
«La Fille Mal Gardee» – a girlfriend of Lise, Gypsy
«Romeo and Juliet» – Capulet
«Swan Lake» (performance from  10.02.2003 to 30.06.2014) – Bride, Mazurka, Neapolitan Dance

In the operetta:
«Mister X» – She-Clown

Tour with a troupe of theater:
2005 – Qatar, China
2006 – Serbia, South Korea, Germany
2007 – France, Germany
2008 – France, China
2009 – France, Germany
2010 − Germany
2011 − Germany, Mexico
2012 − Germany, Mexico, Estonia
2013 − Germany, Mexico
As well as in the cities of Russia.

"La Esmeralda". Gypsy