Starikov Roman

He was born on April 25, 1994.
In 2013 he graduated from the «Choreographic Art» Department of the Mari Republic Culture and Art College n.a. I.S.Palantay.
Now a student of the Ballet Master Faculty of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS)
From April 2011 is a ballet dancer in the Mari opera and ballet theatre.

«Cinderella» − Dancing Master, Friend of Prince
«Giselle» − a friend of Giselle
«La Bayadere» − The Bronze Idol
«Laughter, and tears, and ballet» − Ballet dancers of the theatre
«Le Corsaire» – Slave
«Magic Seven-Petal Flower» – Russian doll, Captain
«Romeo and Juliet» – Troubadour (a friend of Juliet)
«Swan lake» − Jester
«Swan lake» (performance from  10.02.2003 to 30.06.2014) − Jester
«The Nutcracker» − Fritz, Cowherd
«The Nutcracker» (performance from  02.12.2009 to 30.11.2014) – Fritz (a brother of Masha), Harlequin, French doll
«Timur and his team, or the Heroes of our time» – Timka
«Vasilisa the Beautiful» – Imp

Tour with a troupe of theater:
2012 − Germany, Mexico
2013 − Germany, Mexico
As well as in the cities of Russia.

2009 – Laureate of 1st prize of the Republican Competition «Young Talents of the Republic of Mari El»
2012 − Diploma of the Grigorovich International Competition «Young Ballet of World» (Sochi)
2014 − Diploma of the Ministry of culture, press and nationalities of Republic of Mari El
2015 − Laureate of the Yyvan Kyrlya national theatrical prize in the nomination «Best part in the ballet» as Jester in «The Swan Lake» by P.Tchaikovsky

"Vasilisa the Beautiful". Imp "Timur and his team". Timka "Magic Seven-Petal Flower". Russian Dolls - Roman Starikov and Linda Pechnikova "Le Corsaire". Slave