Timberg Nadezhda Anatolievna
Concertmaster of the ballet and choir company

She was born January 6,1955.
In 1974 she graduated from Palantai musical school in Yoshkar-Ola (speciality is piano).
Since 1976 been working in the Mari opera and ballet theatre. 

Timberg N.A. knows all the terminology of classical dance. Has a good taste in the selection of music lessons and is of particular sensitivity when changing the nature of the movements of music. A lot of years working as an accompanist in the ballet of our theatre, participated in the performances of both foreign and Russian classics, as well as the national ballets.

Since 1996 is concertmaster of the choir, while still combines with the work of the concertmaster of the ballet. From the first days of work of the choir concertmaster showed itself only with the positive side. Well, fluent reading from the sheet of any score (various editions, epochs, styles and genres), which is important in the production and urgent work. Has the skills of the layout of the music tracks, which is very helpful for the work of the choirmaster with the choir. She can transpose music easily.

Since 2002, combines the work in the Palantai College of culture and arts at the department «Choreographic art». N.A. Kuznetsova haves the methodical development of selecting the music for the lesson of classical dance for grades 5-8 choreographic school. She is constantly in search of new musical material, thus helping the development of musical taste and knowledge of the classical heritage of Russian and foreign composers of the students of department of «Choreographic art». In 2007 was invited to participate in musical school «Harmony».

2004 − The Diploma of the «Young talents of the Republic of Mari El» in the nomination «Choreographic art»
2005 − Diploma for professional skill concertmaster of the Republican competition of students of choreographic departments in the nomination «Classical dance»
2009 − Diploma of the Ministry of culture, press and nationalities of the Republic of Mari El