Yalpaev Vasily Sergeyevich
Artist of the supers

Honored Artist of the Republic of Mari El

«Don Quixote» – Don Quixote
«Giselle» – Duke
«La Bayadere» – Rajah Dugmanta
«Midsummer Night’s Dream» – Juliet (busker)
«Romeo and Juliet» – Signor Montague, Signor Capulet
«The Nutcracker» – Drosselmeyer, the Rat King
«The Sleeping Beauty» – King
«The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta» – Death
«The Twelve Chairs» – Vorobiyaninov

In the opera:
«The Tsar’s Bride» – Tsar Ivan the Terrible

As well as many other part.

"Don Quixote". Don Quixote - Vasily Yalpaev, Sancho Panza - Vladimir Shabalin "Le Corsaire". Seid Pasha "Romeo and Juliet". Capulet - Vasily Yalpaev and Larisa Kazankina "The Sleeping Beauty". King - Vasily Yalpaev, Queen - Larisa Kazankina Ivan the Terrible in the opera "The Tsar’s Bride"