Novikova Irina
Lyrical soprano

Honored artist of the Republic of Mari El

She was born on January 27, 1972.
In 1991 she graduated from Yoshkar-Ola Palantay musical school. After graduating from college she was adopted in the Mari opera and ballet theatre.

She immediately drew the attention of management and director. With the lyrical soprano, a large technical mobility, bright stage appearance Irina has become indispensable soubrette in musical comedies.

The audience and theater critics distinguished her excellent plasticity, dance and such a rare quality, as the feeling of the partner. In 2002, for the role of Stasi in the operetta «Silva» by Kalman Irina Novikova received a special prize for «The partnership» at the festival «Theatrical Yoshkar-Ola».

Her images sometimes are popular, but all look natural and authentic. Children’s performances are a separate line in the work of the soloist of I.Novikova. It is the unique and touching Cinderella, charming Piglet. All these images are loved by our young spectators and their parents, thanks to a special talent, charm and warmth.

She graduated from the Yakovlev state pedagogical university in 2010.
In parallel with the work in the theater she teaches at the Children’s school of arts «Harmony».

«Akpatyr» – Girl farm labourer
«Aldiar» – Saskaviy 
«Carmen» – Frasquita
«Iolanta» – Brigitta
«La Traviata» – Annina
«Rigoletto» – Countess Ceprano
«The Tsar’s Bride» – A maiden

«Ball at the Savoy» – Daisy Doble
«Baroness Lili» – Annush
«Charlie’s aunt» – Annie
«Der Graf von Luxemburg» – Juliette
«Die Bajadere» − Marietta la Tourette
«Die Fledermaus» – Adele
«Gipsy love» – Iolanta
«I’m sorry, the beauty of the young» – Lisa
«Mariza» – Lisa
«Marriage with general» – Dasha
«Mister X» – Marie Lyatush
«My fair lady» – Eliza Doolittle
«Silva» – Stasi
«Some like it hot» – Sugar
«The king of waltz » – Friderika
«The gypsy baron» – Arsena
«The Merry Widow» – Valencienne
«Trouble from a Tender Heart» – Masha
«Woman’s revolt» – Marinka

For children:
«Cinderella» – Cinderella
«Dangerous holidays» – Dolly
«Fly-clatterer» – Fly
«Frost & Co» – Marushka
«Hello, daddy!» – Chicken
«Little red riding hood» – Fox
«Oh, this tsar Pea» – Tsarevna Nastya
«Puss in boots» – Princess
«The Bremen town musicians» – Princess
«The steadfast tin soldier» – Doll
«Winnie-the-Pooh» – Piglet

Titles and awards:
1991 – Laureate of the Saidashev competition of vocalists
1991 – «Neva-prize» for the best performance of the vocal part in the Russian language.
2001 – Honorary diploma of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Mari El
2002 – Laureate of Russian contest-festival of Russian romance «White acacia»
2002 – Special prize of the jury of the festival «Yoshkar-Ola theatre» in the nomination «the partnership» in duet Stasi and Boni in the operetta by Kalman «Silva»
2004 – Honoured artist of the Republic of Mari El
2007 – Laureate of the State prize of the Republic of Mari El
2007 – Laureate of the theatre prize of Kyrlya in the nomination «the Best episode» for the role of Annina in the opera J. Verdi’s «La Traviata»

Operetta "The Merry Widow". Valencienne - Irina Novikova, Camille de Rosillon - Alexander Shved Comedy-vaudeville "Trouble from a Tender Heart". Masha Operetta "Baroness Lili". Annush - I.Novikova , Beche - V.Sozonov Operetta "Die Bajadere". Marietta la Tourette Operetta "Mister X". Marie Lyatush - Irina Novikova, Tony Bonvil - Evgeny Rozov Operetta "Mariza". Lisa - Irina Novikova, Koloman Zsupan - Evgeny Rozov Operetta "Sylva". Stasi - Irina Novikova, Edwin - Alexander Shved Operetta "Die Fledermaus". Adele Operetta "Der Graf von Luxemburg". Juliette - Irina Novikova, Henry Brissar - Evgeny Rozov Operetta "Woman’s revolt". Marinka - Irina Novikova, Soymka - Evgeny Rozov Operetta "Ball at the Savoy". Daisy Doble - Irina Novikova, Maurice - Vladimir Regelsky Fairy-tale "Oh, this tsar Pea". Tsarevna Nastya Fairy-tale "Dangerous Vacation". Dolly - Irina Novikova, American Indian - Alexander Belyaev Fairy-tale "The Bremen Town Musicians". Princess - Irina Novikova, King - Yuri Pichugin