Seregin Vladimir
Lyrical-dramatic tenor

People’s artist of the Republic of Mari El

He was born June 10, 1951.
In 1977 he graduated from Yoshkar-Ola Palantay musical school. He came in the Sapaev Mari state opera and ballet immediately after music school. Working in a choir, a young artist drew the attention of the leadership and the producers, the desire to work, to manifest themselves in creative work. Splashing out in small roles of all your sparkling talent, the actor has made, that on February 1982 became a soloist.

Over the years he has made a lot of different interesting, amazing images. There is almost no performance, no matter where was busy Seregin V.A.: Baron Zeta in «The Merry widow», Falke in «Die Fledermaus», the Grandfather Zakhar in the «Woman’s revolt» - these and others of his role enthusiastically accepted by the audience. In his time the audience didn’t recognize the Prince from the operetta «the Count of Luxembourg» Vladimir Seregin, since then a young actor played the old man.

«Akpatyr» − Savi
«Aldiar» − Antanas
«Boris Godunov» − Misail, the Yurodiviy
«Carmen» − Le Remendado
«Eugene Onegin» − Triquet
«Iolanta» − Almeric
«La Traviata» − Gastone
«Madama Butterfly» – Prince Yamadory 
«May night» − Kalenik
«Pagliacci» − Beppe
«Rigoletto» − Borsa, Marullo
«The Love for Three Oranges» S.Prokofiev − Чудак
«The Night Before Christmas» – Devil
«The tsar’s bride» − the Tsar’s stoker

«Ball at the Savoy» − Mustafa Bey
«Baroness Lili» – Arne Malomseli
«Charlie’s aunt» − Babbs, Jack, Spettigue
«Der Graf von Luxemburg» − Prince Bazinelli
«Die Bajadere» − Louis-Philippe la Tourette
«Die Fledermaus» − Frank, Amadeus, Falke
«Mariza» − Koloman Zsupan, Prince Esterhazy
«Mister X» − Baron de Kreveliak
«My fair lady» − Henry Higgins, Colonel Pickering, Alfred Doolittle
«Silva» − Boni, Prince Volyapyuk
«Some like it hot» − Mr. Osgood
«The gypsy baron» AND. Strauss - Baron Zsupan
«The king of waltz » – Yoganson, Ludwig
«The merry widow» – Kromow, Baron Zeta
«Woman’s revolt» − Syomka, Grandfather Zakhar

For children:
«As a firefighter Ivan the king rescues» − Storyteller
«Cinderella» − King
«Dangerous holidays» – Sheriff Dogson
«Fly-clatterer» − Cockroach
«Frost & Co» − Robber
«Hello, daddy!» − Wolf
«Little red riding hood» – Hare
«Oh, this tsar Pea» − Koshchei
«Puss in boots» − King
«The Bremen town musicians» − King
«The steadfast tin soldier» − Tin soldier
«The Treasure of Brazil» – Gardener

Titles and awards:
1987 − Honorary diploma of the Lenin district committee of the CPSU
1988 − The Badge «excellent worker of cultural patronage of the armed forces of the USSR»
1992 − Honorary diploma of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Mari El
1992 − Honorary diploma of the Presidium of The regional committee of the trade Union of culture workers
1995 − Honored artist of the Republic of Mari El
2002 − Laureate of the Jyvan Kyrlya theatrical award for the best performance of the supporting male role in the operetta «Mr. X» by Kalman.
2003 − People’s artist of the Republic of Mari El

Operetta "Mister X". Baron de Kreveliak - Vladimir Seregin, Theodore Verdier - Galina Mikhalina Musical tale "Little Red Riding Hood". Hare Operetta "Baroness Lili". Erne Malomsegi Operetta "Die Bajadere". Louis-Philippe la Tourette - V.Seregin, Marietta la Tourette - A.Ershova Opera "The Night Before Christmas". Devil Operetta "Die Fledermaus". Falke - Vladimir Seregin, Adele - Irina Novikova Operetta "Woman’s revolt". Grandfather Zakhar Operetta "Der Graf von Luxemburg". Prince Bazinelli Operetta "The Merry Widow". Baron Zeta - Vladimir Seregin, Kromow - Vladislav Kalashnikov Operetta "Mariza". Prince Esterhazy Operetta "Sylva". Prince Volyapyuk Operetta "Ball at the Savoy". Mustapha Bey - Vladimir Seregin, Daisy Doble - Irina Novikova Opera "Madame Butterfly". Prince Yamadory Opera "May Night". Kalenik Opera "Iolanta". Almeric Fairy-tale "Dangerous Vacation". John Dogson Fairy-tale "Oh, this tsar Pea". Koshchei Fairy-tale "The Bremen Town Musicians". King