The Forest Legend
Composer - Anatoly Luppov

Ballet in two acts.
Running time − 1 hour 35 min.
Electronic music by Alexander Zverev.
Libretto by Boris Golodnitsky, Konstantin Ivanov based on mari folk legends.

Production by Konstantin Ivanov.
Music Director − Ivan Egorov.
Conductor – Grigory Arkhipov.
Set Designer − Boris Golodnitsky 
Costume Designer − Tatiana Izycheva.
Assistants of choreographer – Alla Alexandrova, Olga Komleva.

Premiere − March 15, 2005.

This ballet in the full sense of this word is a legend of the mari choreographic art. Staged for the first time back in 1973, he entered the history as the first national ballet and was a visiting card of the theater.

Legend of the ballet, the honored artist of the RSFSR, people’s artist of the Republic of Mari El Alla Alexandrovathe first performer of the role of Erika in the ballet by E.Raya:
«Dancing with gusto, eagerly waiting for every rehearsal. Performance like dance again and again... I knew all the parties, including male and corps de ballet. The ballet was clear to the casual observer and found a response in the hearts. To play people came from the most remote regions of the republic. He enthusiastically accepted the audience Syktyvkar, Kazan, Cheboksary, Bryansk, Smolensk, Belarus. Eight people were awarded the title of laureate of the State prize of the republic. While working on the play, realized that gave it to me as a performer, I internally grew, became wiser and understood why go on stage».

In the year 2005 K. Ivanov together with I. Egorov and A. Zverev embodied on the stage of the theatre of a new version of this romantic drama. The new version of the ballet − highly artistic performance, made in accordance with modern trends of theatre art.

The basis of the libretto, written by the artistic director of the theater in union with the artist B. Golodnitsky, based on the ancient mari legends who have a deep philosophical meaning. In music by A. Luppov used mari folk melodies, which give the product a special originality and uniqueness. By the decision of the author of the score collected from three ballets by A. Luppov – «The Forest Legend», «Castle of Sheremet» and «Interrupted holiday».

B. Golodnitsky created for the performance of the extremely beautiful and picturesque scenery. Net birch forest and the underground Keremet’s kingdom appear on stage in its grandeur and splendor suddenly and gracefully. Original colorful costumes created by Isycheva, complement the artistic image of the performance.

Thanks to the scenery B. Golodnytsky, stylized national costumes by Isycheva, electronic music by A.Zverev and expressive choreography of K. Ivanov ancient mari legend that tells about the battle of dark and light forces and the triumph of love, looks very modern. The specific advantage of the ballet «The Forest Legend» − an original choreography with the use of elements of the mari national movement.

The premiere of the latest version of the ballet was timed to coincide with the opening of the annual festival of «Theatrical Yoshkar-Ola». By the decision of the jury of the festival the performance was awarded with a special prize «For the modern interpretation of the national material». At the premiere was attended by the composer A. Luppov, who unconditionally accepted the new original version of the ballet.

Statement group performance in 2005 was awarded the State prize of the Republic of Mari El in the field of musical art of them.


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