Vasilisa the Beautiful


Act 1

Scene 1. Midday. Young girls walk in a meadow. There is Vasilisa the Beautiful among them. Suddenly there appears an Imp accompanied by evil spirits and stops Vasilisa`s way. Koshchey offers her his hand and heart. No wonder that even he falls in love with Vasilisa. He is ready to share all his treasure with her, if only the girl agrees to marry him. But Koshchey is refused. Angry, he turns Vasilisa into the Frog.

Scene 2. Summer day. There is a crowd at the palace walls waiting for the Tsar and his sons. It is time for the Tsar`s sons to marry, and brides gather from all ends of the kingdom. But they were not chosen. There appears the Tsar and his three sons follow him. The Tsar suggests to each son to take an arrow. The eldest son arrows, his arrow falls on a boyar`s yard. The arrow of the second son falls on a merchant`s yard. And the arrow of the younger son Ivan Tsarevitch flies so far that he should go to find it.

Scene 3. Forest meadow. There is a Frog, and it has an arrow in its paws. There appears Ivan Tsarevitch. He sees the arrow and can`t believe that he should marry the Frog. And the Frog calms Ivan: "Don`t worry! Go alone to the Tsar and pays him a visit, and I will follow you with a present". Having seen him off, the Frog turns into Vasilisa the Beautiful and starts sewing a shirt for the Tsar. Bright Asterisks help her.

Scene 4. At the Tsar`s palace walls the sons wait for their brides. There appears the eldest son with his bride - the boyar`s daughter who gives a linen shirt to the Tsar. There appears the second son with his bride - the merchant`s daughter who gives a canvas shirt to the Tsar. Everyone has fun. And brothers make merry over Ivan Tsarevitch. Suddenly a thunder arises. Guests are frightened, run up and hide. There appears Vasilisa the Beautiful accompanied by the Asterisks. Ivan Tsarevitch does not believe his happiness. He introduces his bride to the Tsar-father. The Tsar is stupefied with Vasilisa`s gift. And Vasilisa takes the young Tsarevitch by hands and conducts to dance. The senior daughters-in-law envy Vasilisa. They decide to surprise the Tsar-father too, dance and invite him, but only step on all his feet. And meanwhile Ivan Tsarevitch finds the Frog skin and tears it off. Vasilisa exclaims: "What have you done? If you have waited a little bit, I would have been forever yours, and now good bye!" A terrible noise arises. Evil spirits fly from all directions. There appears the triumphing Koshchey, he takes Vasilisa the Beautiful and lugs her away.

Act 2

Scene 1. Twilight. Koshchey`s kingdom. Vasilisa the Beautiful languishes in a dungeon. Koshchey tries and does his best to gain the girl`s love, but again does not find it. Having received a news about the fact that Ivan Tsarevitch sets out in search of his beloved girl, Koshchey gets angry and sends his evil spirits to meet him.

Scene 2. Ivan Tsarevitch is exhausted with searches and goes along the wood. He still hopes to find Vasilisa the Beautiful. Suddenly he notices a figure of his beloved. He runs to her. But his vision disappears. Then it appears again and again. In a pursuit of this vision Ivan falls into a trap.

Scene 3. Dark Kingdom. Koshchey triumphs - he manages to catch Ivan. The Bright Asterisks come to help Ivan and reunite the couple. Koshchey is enraged. Being indignant, he decides to turn Ivan into a stone, but Vasilisa blocks the way and shudders to a halt. The indignant Imp fearlessly snatches out Koshchey`s staff and breaks the magic egg. Without hesitating, Tsarevitch gets a needle and breaks off its tip. From Ivan`s kiss evil spells are broken.

Scene 4. There is a feast at the palace walls. It is a wedding of the Tsar`s sons. Everybody wishes good luck to the groom and bride. Dark powers are broken, having faced the great power of human love.