G. Verdi`s

G. Verdi`s "La Traviata" in "The Winter Evenings".

In the framework of the festival "Winter Evenings" there is staged G. Verdi`s opera "La Traviata". The part of Alfred is performed by the soloist of the New Opera Theater (Moscow) Nurlan Bekmukhambetov. Lyric, capable of expressing all sorts of emotions, the singer`s tenor plunged the audience into the real experiences of the tragic history of Violette Valeri (Valeria Balandina). Their duet seemed to have been sung more than once, as if the soloists had been playing together for a long time. The voices merged and rang with happiness, sorrow and love. And this harmony was maintained by the orchestra (Grigory Arkhipov).

26 february 2019