Fairy tales are not only for children, they are for adults too, especially modern ones. A fairy tale by E. Shashin, N. Kuzminykh "The investigation is lead by the Puss in Boots" (dir. by Nadezhda Repyeva) in the Mari State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet n.a. E. Sapaev is a performance where both children and adults may have fun. When you hear the songs, your legs and shoulders go to the dance unintentionally (musical director of the production Grigori Nechaev). Dances are the most interesting artistic numbers (choreography by Denis Feyzov). The set design and costumes (Vladimir Korolev) are the real world of Alice in Wonderland, the Snow Queen, Little Boy and other dear fairy tales.

The extravaganza on the stage of the theater is as always a great feast for the audience - the premiere of the musical detective "The investigation is lead by the Puss in Boots"!

We congratulate our dear audience and the team on the premiere!

9 march 2019