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To the «Sheraton» - on pointe

To the «Sheraton» - on pointe

Artists of the Sapaev Theater of opera and ballet returned from a short tour in the capital of a small state of Qatar - the city of Doha.

About this country, we know very little. (The first of the association - the arrest of russians on suspicion in murder of Yanderbiyev.) Here to represent Russian culture - responsibly. But our ballet troupe is not a novice. For the first time she went on tour abroad in 1999 on the initiative of the artistic director of theatre of Konstantin Ivanov.

Immediately after the arrival our correspondent took an interview from the head of the ballet troupe of the honored artist of the republic of Vladimir Shabalin.

- To do this, we have already performed on Cyprus, Peru, Lebanon, Taiwan, Mexico, and Korea. But it was an amazing trip, «pressed» by time and by the abundance of impressions. In the evening on March 26 two buses left for Moscow. The next day - a plane to the city of Doha. March 28 - rehearsal and get acquainted with the city. 29 - performance. And finally on the morning of the next day to return the plane to Moscow, the newly bus. And in the morning of March 31 we are at home.

Was represented all of the ballet troupe and orchestra. This is more than a hundred people.

And yet we were carrying decorations, tools musicians (including bulky cymbals, double bass and cello). So for some time, the male part of the orchestra and ballet has turned into a «movers», but this, of course, no one complain.

In Qatar we stayed in a beautiful hotel «Sheraton Doha», there’s also a huge concert hall for 1000 seats gave a performance of «The Nutcracker».

It was warm - 25-26 degrees. The severity of acclimatization we did not feel - just dressed in light clothing and all. Time shifts, too, was not - Qatar approximately on the same meridian with us, and while there the... Seeing the warm surface of the Persian Gulf, of course, all climbed into the water, though, and had a choice - heated swimming pool.

Know what to dance are not on stage, they were nervous. But in vain. The stage is equipped specially for us - made an excellent platform, and at the bottom, in full view of the audience, sat our orchestra. All men are musicians at this time wearing tuxedos, and the ladies - dark translucent dress. Great audience came by the national Arab robes.

The orchestra in the evening was just amazing, he warmly applauded, dance inspired. The Party of Prince performed honored artist of Russia, Konstantin Ivanov, Masha - soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Elena Andrienko.

However, the colors of us in the finals are not given. Said, apologizing that is not common among them. (Flowers in Qatar are not valued so, as we have, they are literally under their feet).

As for the applause, there was more than enough. We are also happy with the journey, and reception, and new impressions.

Lev Yatmanov

Source: «The Arguments and Facts in Mari El» (№ 14, April 2005)

6 april 2005